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Hydrovac Airvac Excavation

​​Caribou Energy Corporation is a leading hydrovac and airvac excavation company. We provide hydrovac excavation services nationwide with hubs in California, Colorado, Florida, North Dakota & Texas.  We specialize in locating buried utility lines and oil & gas infrastructure.

​Hydrovacing is the safest, most non-destructive excavation process.  Many incidents occur each year that leave utilities damaged, property destroyed, and sometimes workers injured.  Our trucks are equipped with the latest technology to reduce damage to underground structures and lower worker injury and claims.  We offer a wide range of Hydrovac services that can be customized to meet your needs.  Hydrovac excavation replaces backhoes and hand-digging to expose and/or lay underground lines, increasing productivity for each job along with profits. Hydrovacs can dig effectively in all soil types, including clay.  They provide a safe means of digging in frozen ground, due to onboard heaters.

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